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The new IANOS® system from HUBER+SUHNER facilitates Base-2, 8, 12 and 24 pre-terminated cable systems for best in class density, speed of installation and scalability. Data rates from 1G to 120G can be seamlessly combined to provide the most future-proofed and flexible fiber management system on the market.


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IANOS® Features

Thanks to its compact design and broad range of applications, IANOS® will equip your data center with the maximum degree of agility for the future.

Improved handling

Improved handling

Each side of the IANOS® panel can be individually slid out to reduce cord disruption and improve handling.
All base types

All base types

IANOS® is suitable for all backbone types including Base-8 which is the most future-proofed solution available.
Highest packing density

Highest packing density

The IANOS® chassis can facilitates fast and seamless patching of 72 LC/MTP ports per 1U height.
No hot-spots

No hot-spots

The vented trunk manager at the rear of the chassis supports out-going backbone cables and allows hot air to pass through.
Single and twin module for increased flexibility

Single and twin module for increased flexibility

Having the flexibility of a single or a twin module is crucial for many applications. Twin modules offer improved routing space and handling when splicing cables and it also allows high fiber-count trunk cables to be better utilised in chassis.
Compact cable systems

Compact cable systems

Optipack cable systems are compact, flexible and robust. Trunk cables, harnesses and jumpers provide an end-to-end plug & play solution.
Clear and fast identification

Clear and fast identification

Chassis and modules are fully loaded with numerous identification areas for clearer and faster traceability.
Fast access to connectivity

Fast access to connectivity

HUBER+SUHNER’s patented LC push-pull connector with easy-reach finger provides the fastest moves, adds and changes on the market.
Fits all applications

Fits all applications

Different size chassis are available depending on density requirement and application. A zero-space chassis is also available for side-mounting to rails.

IANOS® Products

With IANOS®, you can integrate multiple modules in the same chassis. This allows you to design the topology and link design that best suits your needs.

IANOS - Chassis 1U/4U

Chassis 1U/4U

The IANOS® 4U chassis is designed for high density applications where connections to high density blade servers and switches are required in the same or adjacent racks. Generally mounted above or below switches, the IANOS® 4U chassis supports up to 576 fibers (288 ports) per 4U of rack space. The IANOS® 1U chassis is designed for medium to high density applications where connections to servers and switches are required in the same or adjacent racks. Generally mounted at the top of equipment cabinets, the IANOS® 1U chassis supports up to 144 fibers (72 ports) per 1U of rack space.

IANOS - Patching module

Patching module

The IANOS® patching module is a straight through MTP or LC patching field which allows trunk cables to be connected directly to patch cords or harnesses. In Base-2 singlemode applications the IANOS® patching module provides a fast „plug & play“ alternative to fusion splicing, and for MTP multimode applications the patching module is designed to facilitate „end-to-end“ parallel optics using Base-8, Base-12 or Base-24 connectivity.

IANOS - Transition module MTP-LC

Transition module MTP-LC

IANOS® transition modules convert MTP backbone cables to LC connectivity at the front of the module so that LC patch cords can be connected to nearby active equipment. Generally used for lower data rates such as 1G, 10G or 16G. IANOS® transition modules offer users the possibility to upgrade their LC based links in the future simply by replacing the transition module with an MTP based „conversion module“, „patching module“ or „conversion harness“. Transition modules are available in „single“ or „double“ versions and are suitable for Base-8, Base-12 or Base-24 MTP backbones.

IANOS - MTP conversion module

MTP conversion module

IANOS® conversion modules provide an easy upgrade path for users who want to convert their pre-installed MTP backbone cables to match new transceiver requirements. This process allows users to get full fiber utilization from their existing backbones without any existing fibers. For example, two Base-12 backbone trunks can be can converted to three Base-8 MTP connectors (40G SR4) or alternatively they can be converted to a single Base-24 MTP connector (100G SR10).

IANOS - LC splicing module

LC Splicing modules

The IANOS® splicing module is a „twin“ module which facilitates the fusion splicing of 24 individual heat shrink splices or 4 ribbon heat shrink splices. The splicing module is suitable for all „Optipack 8, 12 and 24 strand“ cables and can also accommodate bend-limiting.

IANOS - Pre-terminated


The IANOS® pre-terminated module is a „single“ module which is pre-connectorised directly with a length of cable. The pre-terminated system can be supplied with a module at both ends or alternatively at one end only for fusion splicing to pigtails. Pre-terminated modules reduce the installation time considerable compared to spliced pigtails and they also help data center operators to achieve near-perfect length management of cables between racks.

IANOS - Optipack cable systems

Optipack cables systems

HUBER+SUHNER designs and manufactures every component within its high performance optipack cable systems perfectly tailored to for IANOS®. Optipack cable systems allow us to increase the performance by as much as 50% so that our customers can achieve the optical budget requirements without losing flexibility for evolving data centers.

Solutions for Data Centers

At HUBER+SUHNER, we leverage over 25 years of experience in creating tailored connectivity solutions which deliver business-critical connectivity solutions safely and reliably. Working with our partners, we deliver innovative and competitive high-performance solutions to the global data center market.

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